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10R Low Profile Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Realice llamadas telefónicas con manos libres, escuche música, obtenga direcciones GPS y mantenga conversaciones por intercomunicador full-duplex con otros pasajeros con una calidad de audio nítida a través de los auriculares estéreo Bluetooth.

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The Sena 10R-02 Bluetooth motorcycle communication system is slim, light and easy to use. Make hands-free phone calls, listen to music, get GPS directions, and have full-duplex intercom conversations with other riders in crystal-clear audio quality through the stereo Bluetooth® headset.

Keep the conversation going, share a playlist with up to four riding companions, or patch in a phone call that everyone can jump in on. The Bluetooth® 4.1-equipped 10R does it all with HD sound quality and intercom over distances of up to 900 meters (0.5 miles). Motorcycle Bluetooth communication has never been so easy.

Road noise is no longer a threat with Advanced Noise Control™, which cuts down on background noise for incoming and outgoing audio. The Universal Intercom™ makes the 10R compatible with most non-Sena Bluetooth® communication systems. The 10R is also firmware upgradeable for the life of your headset, meaning the tech will never become obsolete.

The 10R includes Audio Multitasking™, which allows you to listen to two audio sources at once. You can have conversations through the intercom while streaming music, listen to GPS instructions at the same time, and more.

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